Windows Phone 7.5/Mango Latest Reveals & eWM Full Feature List

We have now compiled a full (work in progress) feature list of all good things coming with the “Mango”/Windows Phone 7.5 update later this year for Windows Phone 7. You can find the list in our forums in this thread, if we missed anything be sure to let us know. With this small announcement on our behalf, we also have the most recently confirmed features below, before the Microsoft event later today. Hopefully we will see these features live during the May 24 keynote, along with the over 500 more. A big thank you to Paul Bryan, Senior Director of Business Experience for the Windows Phone team, over at the Windows Phone Blog for the great information.

During the TechEd keynote today we also showed a range of additional capabilities in Mango that will help you reach a new level of productivity. These include:

  • Pinnable email folders: Pin a folder to the start screen for quick access. This could be an email folder for a specific project, from a specific group or person (like your boss), or an RSS feed you’ve set up in Outlook.
  • Conversation view in email: Emails in your inbox are organized by conversation, bringing replies to a thread into a consolidated view so it’s faster and easier to stay on top of the conversation.

Threaded email, coming in the next version of Windows Phone, makes it even easeir to keep track of who said what.By popular request, the next version of Windows Phone also makes it possible to read rights-managed emails.

  • Server search: Search your email server (e.g. Exchange Server) for older emails no longer stored on your phone, giving you ready access to all of your mail.
  • Lync: Lync Mobile brings the Lync experience to Windows Phone customers by delivering Unified Communications capabilities, including instant messaging and the ability to see the presence of your co-workers. The Lync app will be a free download from Windows Phone Marketplace and will be enabled with support from your business organization.

In addition to helping you stay productive, Mango also includes new capabilities for IT. With new features such as complex (alpha-numeric) password support, Information Rights Management support for protecting e-mails and Office documents, and support for access to hidden corporate Wi-Fi networks, your IT organization can stay on top of its game—providing you access to information you need while meeting corporate requirements.

Also, for the sake of keeping all news available for our readers, continue reading to see some screenshots of more features we never posted much about before.

  • Camera shutter sound can be turned on/off
  • Smart DJ Support
  • Facebook Chat and Windows Live Messenger integration in Messaging Hub
  • Design changes to Games Hub
  • Group Messaging will allow you to sort contacts into different groups for easy bulk messaging, email and more
  • Battery management options to be added to Settings on Windows Phone devices
  • WiFi Hotspot Support – Will be available based on carrier support and availability

  • Linked Email Inbox – Will allow users to group desired email accounts into a single inbox while still maintaining separation/organization within the unified inbox
  • Design changes to People Hub – The People Hub tile will now alternate between large and small image tiles of contacts to create an animated collage

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  1. Tommy says

    Man this update just keeps getting more and more sexy. Nodo made me move from really liking my phone to loving my phone. After mango I might just have to ask it to marry me….assuming the first generation phones aren’t going to get cut out of TOO many of the slick updates. Still crossing my fingers for savable camera settings though.

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