Windows Mobile Outsold Windows Phone 7 Last Quarter

Recently, we posted a news story which examined if Windows Phone 7 had been outsold by its predecessor, Windows Mobile. Unfortunately, that analysis appears to be accurate, as stats released by NPD, as Windows Mobile still held on to 3% of the market, and the newcomer WP7 took 2%, and WP7 debuted at a lower place than any other recent smartphone platform launch.

The reasons for this disparity make sense: WM had some inertia behind it, is available on all carriers rather than just a couple, and WP7 debuted mid-quarter. I’m sure by the end of this quarter, the situation will be very different.

Even so, this is a major slap in the face for Microsoft, as their new and shiny platform hasn’t performed as well as the one they’re trying to retire.

[via BusinessInsider]


  1. rishi says

    I think every radical decision, and in this case Microsoft’s decision will unsettle a lot of people. I would give it six-eight months for the WP7 marketplace to attain equilibrium, offer variety, quality apps and for Microsoft to issue its updates.

    I remember how I felt when Apple chose to exclude iPhone 3G from iOS 4.0

    This feeling is currently shared by many Windows Mobile 6 users.

    It will pass.

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