Windows Mobile 7 Delayed, Again

Microsoft is undoubtedly one of the biggest, if not the biggest tech company in the world. Yet, they continue to lag behind when it comes to mobile operating systems. Originally due out in early 2010 was Windows Mobile 7, the operating system that promised to be a significant step forward towards bringing Microsoft back into the discussion of major smartphone platforms. Just yesterday, RBC analyst Mike Abramsky said the leadership role was between Palm, RIM and Apple. Now comes word that Windows Mobile 7 will not be out until the fourth quarter of 2010, which is well over a year from now.

Taiwanese press are claiming Windows 6.5 will be the stop gap for early next year and we’ll have to wait until Q4 for Windows Mobile 7. Manufacturers like Motorola aren’t waiting, already moving heavily into Android devices.

When does it become too late? At what point does it not matter what Microsoft delivers? Microsoft needs to get this out the door ASAP or risk other mobile operating systems padding their lead.

[MS Mobiles via Mobility Today]

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