Windows 7 Phones

Windows Phone 7 represents a major shift for Microsoft for the Windows Mobile platform. Windows Phone 7 phones will start becoming available during the holiday season of 2010. It represents a major departure from Windows Mobile 6.5. Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect from phones running Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phones 7 Phone

Windows 7 Phones Carriers

All US carriers should carry phones running Windows Phone 7, but AT&T appears to be the most committed. Verizon has been putting forth a big push into Android, but we suspect that will change by year’s end. To stay up to date on the carrier, we’ve set up a Verizon Windows Phone 7 page. Once we hear about new phones, we’ll update that page. Same goes for Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. If your carrier doesn’t release a Windows Phone 7 device this year, expect all the carriers to have at least one phone announced during the 2010 CES.

Windows 7 Phones

Several of the big players are planning to manufacture Windows Phones 7 phones this year. You can expect the following companies to be among the first to release phones powered by WIndows Phone 7.

  • HTC: HTC Surround rumored for AT&T in late 2010.
  • Samsung: Rumored phones include the Samsung Cetus, Samsung Focus, both headed to AT&T. Update: We also have word of a Samsung Universe and Samsung Patek.
  • LG
  • Dell

Motorola, a company that such tremendous success with the Windows Mobile powered Moto Q, have yet to indicate any plans for Windows Phone 7. When they first abondoned Windows Mobile, the company did say they considered Microsoft a partner. Once the dust settles, Motorola will bring their excellent hardware design to Windows Phone 7.

Regardless of what phone you select, the everythingWM Store plans to have a large selection of Windows Phone 7 cases and Windows Phone 7 accessories. All purchases support the site and we greatly appreciate your business.

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