Will There Be Native Twitter Support For Windows Phone 7?

Windows Phone 7 will have native Facebook support. This is a known thing. There will be Twitter apps — at the bare minimum Twikini and Seesmic. The question is: will Microsoft have native Twitter support in Windows Phone 7, so we can get short banalities delivered directly to our screen? The Unwired have uncovered something that hints Microsoft might be moving in that direction.

Michael Klucher, Microsoft Lead Program Manager – XNA Development Platform tweeted some photos to TwitPic at GamesCon using a Samsung device — presumably the dev WP7 phone. When you upload a photo to TwitPic, it mentions which client you used. In this case, the images were uploaded from the app “To be named later” which links to microsoft.com.

It’s not unreasonable to imagine that this unnamed app is the native WP7 Twitter support, still in beta, and getting the kinks worked out.

This is hardly confirmation, but it’s enough that we could imagine it happening.

[via WME]

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