What To Know About Windows Phone 8 And First-Gen Devices

The big talk around is about Windows Phone Tango, but most of us already know about the bigger and better that will release known as Apollo later this year. Many current first-gen Windows Phone users have been hesitant to find out if they will be receiving updates later this year, or if they will have to upgrade. Lets face it, most users will want to upgrade later this year which will mark the end of their two year contract, if they purchased their Windows Phone on initial launch in 2010. However, not all current first-gen users necessarily have the money at the same time for a new Windows Phone, therefore, the question remains with them constantly if they will be left out come Windows Phone 8. Yes, and no, is the answer.

Windows Phone Daily marked down the essentials of a visit WP7App.de had at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany where they spoke to a representative with the same burning Windows Phone questions. Here is what we know so far about Windows Phone 8, device compatibility and release date. What else did you figure we care about right now?

  • Windows Phone 8 has no official release date, but the aim is late 2012
  • Second-gen devices (like the Nokia Lumia 800 or HTC Titan) will receive the update
  • First-gen devices (like the Samsung Focus or HTC HD7) will receive the update but new features may not be compatible with the old hardware

So there you have, as maybe we should of all figured out would be the answer, only your first-gen hardware will limit the features available to you. Of course, such things as the rumored Skype integration in Windows Phone 8 will be limited in first-gen devices due to lack of front camera. Also, most first-gen devices may just run slower with Windows Phone 8, considering Windows Phone devices have quickly been growing in speed and power since first-gen released.

Nokia Lumia 900

If you really don’t have the money to upgrade your first-gen Windows Phone by the time Windows Phone 8 rolls around, well, we recommend you get some money! Seriously though, Windows Phone is getting real good real fast, and as much of a huge impact Mango had, we have faith Apollo will leave a big dent too (pun intended).



  1. Juwel rana says

    windowsphone fail to Attention symbian Or Meego User Only Becoz Of there Restiction, Lack of Feature, Lack Of user Customization..Microsoft make Their os Compitable for Us User not for whole World user..third generation People like ours (asian) Haven’t Pc Every house.Microsoft Try to depent us on Pc…only for Their restiction Most of us never take Wp..

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