What is a Macro again?

Don’t feel bad, you are not the first to ask that question and definitely won’t be the last. The GOOGLE definition of macro is a single computer instruction that results in a series of instructions in machine language. That’s all well and good, but how exactly does that help us here at everythingWM?

Have you ever wished that there was a way to turn your phone’s location based GPS service on and off with a single button press as opposed to having to go through a couple of different screens to accomplish the same thing?

Ever wished that you could kill all running applications in a simpler fashion than having to open your task manager, press the menu button, and then click end all tasks? Your wishes have been heard and addressed by a company that has been around for us Windows Mobile users since 2003. The company’s name is ArtelPlus, but the application is called Mobile Macros. Mobile Macros is a program with one simple purpose, to make life even easier for windows mobile users, the savvy and new users alike.

Direct from the product page:

  • Mobile Macros for Windows Mobile allows you to record stylus events (taps and moves) into an editable text file and replay them when needed.
  • Macros can be used in many different ways, such as following:
  • quick dial-up of a fixed phone number
  • mute or unmute the device
  • clean the memory with a single step ( unload of all running applications)
  • make templates for SMS, events, tasks, notes, documents
  • toggle the state of build-in wireless interfaces
  • start of an ActiveSync process when using a Bluetooth connection
  • create various device profiles
  • perform basic operations (for example, backing up files)
  • log the stylus events into the text file
  • create a self-presenting applications (automatic demonstrations)
  • test your application on devices in automatic mode

This app supports devices running WM 5.x and Windows Mobile 6 on up.Its also allows for stylus/touchscreen inputs but should be just as user friendly to the smartphone owner. The current price is $7.95 and the app is currently available as a trial download for a undisclosed amount of time.

Find out more and download it at Artelplus.


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