Website Aims To Expose Poor Windows Phone Retail Experiences

Microsoft has delivered a fabulous operating system and various manufacturers have released some terrific phones that run Windows Phone 7. Not unlike Palm, the toughest challenge for Microsoft might be getting retailers to embrace the platform. In our experience, retailers sell what they know. Right now, that’s iOS and Android and the sales trends confirm this notion. So how do you change that culture? Windows Phone Tattletale is a new site that allows folks to review their Windows Phone retail experience. If you visit a store with the intent to purchase a Windows Phone and get the “redirection” treatment, this site allows you elaborate on your experience. Typically, these types of experiences were trapped in forums.

Windows Phone Tattletale

The site vows to make the information available to Microsoft and carriers. Do the carriers care, if the customer ultimately leaves with a contract? Probably not, but they do care about their relationship with manufacturers. It’s not clear if this will work, but kudos to WPT for giving it a go. Fight the good fight.

Purchase a Windows Phone recently? How was your sales experience? If it wasn’t so hot, be sure to drop by Windows Phone Tattletale and let them know.

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