“Walshed” Phone Support Tool Released To Normalize Devices Again

If you “Walshed” your Windows Phone device at any point since the tool was released, you should know you won’t be eligible for future updates. Microsoft warned users about this, and then released a statement soon after stating that a tool to normalize such devices was being validated. That tool is now available, Chris Walsh himself (the original creator of the “Walshed” device hack) created the tool which was approved and validated by Microsoft. The tool will allow all users with already “Walshed” devices to return to an update-eligible state. Microsoft previously released a security update blocking the “Walshed” devices from receiving any future updates, but this support tool will now allow updates again.

A while ago I created an updater to avert the normal update procedures as I was tired of waiting for Telstra to release my updates.  While this tool worked, it didn’t update fully in certain scenarios and ONLY on certain phones.

So when the Security Update came out, phones were throwing a rather specific error code “80180048”  when trying to update.

With the existence of an update I was able to further test my tool on how phones would behave with future updates.  Which led me to realise, in CERTAIN scenarios phones wouldn’t update, but yet others would.  Which led to the creation of this tool.  This tool has been tested by Brandon and his team and I have approval to release it to users for use.

You can visit Chris Walsh’s post announcing the release of the support tool, where downloads and clarified instructions are provided.

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