Verizon’s First Windows Phone 7 to Arrive Late March

Remember the article we posted about ten days ago that mentioned Verizon CTO Tony Melone stating that it would take a lot for Verizon to sell WP7 devices? Well, it seems Verizon has finally decided to accept a third OS (along with iOS and Android). According to WinRumors, Verizon is planning to announce the HTC 7 Trophy as early as February 28, 2011 as their first Windows Phone 7 device. It is believed that the phone will arrive on March 20 to compete with Verizon’s rival Sprint, launching their own HTC Arrive on the same day. Take this with a grain of salt until an official announcement is made, but it would make sense that Verizon has something brewing with Sprint releasing a new device.

“So I think it would take a really compelling device from Nokia or any new vendor to break in. It doesn’t mean that it can’t happen, but it would have to be really good.” Verizon CTO Tony Melone

Looks like Tony Melone, along with the rest of Verizon, now accepted the HTC 7 Trophy as a “compelling” and “really good” device. The HTC 7 Trophy is expected to release on March 20, 2011 as Verizon’s first Windows Phone 7 at $200 on a two-year contract.

What do you think about rival companies already using WP7 to compete, do you see it as a good or bad thing? It definitely brings good publicity.



  1. Seth says

    I think it will be besieged with problems.

    Verizon is a CDMA network. This requires an OS update from Microsoft.

    Currently, Microsoft is in complete chaos with Windows Phone 7 updates, with the debacle of bricking phones. This is going to delay the next update, as the parties involved need to find out what went so wrong.

    So I can see delays ahead for Windows Phone 7, and its entry to Verizon.

    • meat says

      why do you think that? The issues w/ the update, per news, is the update only effected 90 percent or so of the phones, all samsung phones.. That being said, it is too bad they didn’t release the phones w/ some of these features out the gate..
      THE funny thing is, iphone apple fanboys, including my best friend, coworkers, etc bought he iphones 3 and 4, and the first release had a ton of issues yet did they complain, did the community attack w/ posts.. NO.. It comes down to people just not liking MS products.. Is it fear??? What is it.. I think the more phones the better.. More choices,etc.. I’m annoyed my wife has an iphone, and everyone I know does, I dont see the interest.. I liked the win7 hd7 that I had to send back to tmobile cuz no service. So now i sit w/ no good phone,

  2. Christopher Meinck says

    This update has likely been thoroughly tested with the new CDMA phones. Troubles with the current update shouldn’t have any affect on the Verizon release.

    • meat says

      agreed. Guy is an idiot. It is too bad Verizon is the best service in my area or i would be w/ tmobile and still lov’n the HD7 win 7 phone.. SO cool.. I had all three email accounts, xbox live account, favoritite websites all pin-tiles on my phone, one touch and i am there, fast, responsive. Faster than my wifes iphone..
      PLEASE verizon.. release the damn phone. Verizon is always late to the boat.. They turned down the iphone and allowed ATandT to get the contract, they seem to be last to get all the good phone.. idiots

      • erasure25 says

        Yea, it always seems that Big Red is the last one to get the newest phones. The iPhone4 is outdated and a big snooze fest, and by the looks of it, isn’t selling like hotcakes as they had hoped. I was toying with the idea of T-mob for the Venue Pro, but coverage sucks and it seems like you have to buy a 32 gb microsd replacement for it to work.

        If Verizon does release a Wp7 in march, i will be all over it as it fits my lifestyle (I use live mail, outlook, office, one note, skydrive [i hear the wp7 will get skydrive support this year], zune, etc.). My new every two is up and I have patiently been waiting for a V WP7… don’t disappoint me!

  3. Brian says

    The Trophy has been scheduled for release by Verizon since mid Q4 of last year, well before Tony Melone’s ill concieved comments. That said this has nothing to do with Verizon finally deciding to accept a third OS or Tony Melone, along with the rest of Verizon, now accepting the HTC 7 Trophy as a “compelling” and “really good” device.

    The release of this phone was planned last year, is debuting on Verizon as expected and therefore has nothing to do with recent comments.This is not evidence that Verizon has changed thier position regarding how they percieve WP7.

    Please check facts and put things in the proper context before writing comments and remarks that aren’t remotely valid.

  4. Fletch says

    “Microsoft is in complete chaos with Windows Phone 7 updates” seems a little over dramatic to me, isn’t still just problems with Samsung devices? but whatever. Melone’s reluctance to sell the devices seems a little shortsighted, but he may still have a bad taste in his mouth from the Kin.

  5. pingfr says

    I agree with others that Microsoft is not a chaos over the updates. This is the very first update that has ever been sent to WP7 devices in a real world setting. It would have been outstanding if the update would have gone completely without a hitch. Unfortunately, reality of technology is that they would likely uncover issues on the initial run. There are a lot of factors in the update, including several different hardware platforms. I am sure that every phone OS and platform has experienced update issues, if they support update.

    A second point is that the CDMA phones are supposed to be coming with the NoDo update already patched into the OS. So the initial update headaches should not be an issue for the Verizon customers, when the phone is released.

    Finally, it is true that Verizon announced the Trophy last year, sort of. They offered a pre-release buy offer to Microsoft employees after Sprint did. Not saying that any WP7 device is bad, it is clear that Verizon chose what is considered to be the cheapest WP7 device offered by phone manufacturers. I think this speaks volumes about their intention. They want to be in the race in case WP7 is a real winner but don’t want to have to put much into it.

    So we will have to see how this all plays out after the Trophy. There is already talk of next generation WP7 devices in the second half of the year.

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