Verizon’s First Windows Phone 7 Device To Be HTC Pro

When Verizon releases their first Windows Phone 7 device, it will be based on the HTC Trophy. Some sleuths at a gaming site that tracks WP7 handsets, have found a Windows Phone sporting the MWP6885 model number, similar to the HTC Arrive. They located a PC93-1.0.xml file and have surmised that MWP6885=PC93 and PC 93=Pro. Yes, it certainly gets a bit confusing. The net is that Verizon will likely brand their device as either the HTC Pro or HTC 7 Pro.

As for a Verizon release date? The last rumor we heard was a June release date.

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  1. candc says

    Do some research and edit this post. The Arrive and the Trophy are not based on each other and is not the same phone. Hint: physical keyboard.

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