Verizon Sells Out of HTC Trophy

Wondering how sales will be of the HTC Trophy on Verizon? In just a few hours, Verizon’s website has been depleted of their stock of the HTC Trophy. While we don’t know how many phones were on hand, this has to be good news for all parties involved, save for those who were planning on ordering today.

Verizon HTC Trophy sold out

We’ll let you know if it pops back in stock. Damn those HTC Trophy phones are hot like fire.


  1. says

    I wonder if the sell-out is location dependent? When I go to the online verizon store, and have my location set local, I’m given the option to buy the Trophy…

    So as of 5/26/2011 @ 1:30 PM PDT in 93065, I’m looking at the Add to Cart button right now…

    Or am I being stupid? I can shoot you a screenshot if you want…

  2. Jason Small says

    No, you’re not stupid, they just went out of stock temporarily it seems. These are available to order at 10:51am eastern on the 27th.

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