Verizon HTC Trophy To Launch In June, Go Global?

WPCentral have obtained a fair whack of information about Verizon’s entry into the world of Windows Phone 7. According to their sources, the HTC Trophy will be a quad band phone, capable of jumping on networks the world over. You can change band through the settings menu, enabling you to adjust on the fly.

Their source says it runs WP7 version 7.0.7355 — which is NoDo, but not the most recent build.

Slightly less exciting is that one of their sources indicated that the phone might not be available for purchase until June, much later than the late-March date that’s been kicking around for a little while now.


  1. Meat says

    Your kidding… right?? June! FOUR months! Alsmost a year after the release of windows 7 phones to begin with.. I love the fact I have service everywhere.. But I am sick and tired of the expensive plans/bills compared to other providers and the fact they are always, always last to get phones….If sprint is slapping a wind 7 phone this month and verizon does not.. I will switch to sprint..

    • K says

      Agreed.. I know of a few people that have switched, and plan on switching for the phones.. They should give a release DATE.. not a window of “june”, that may keep some people on the service…if they even care at this point.. Leaving people in the dark just pisses them off more.

  2. The Dude says

    I am one of those that may switch as well.. I got a taste of the phones, and love the OS.. VERIZON-give the public a release date already.. This big question and no news is bad news.. The public are not patient.. My friend switched to Tmobile for the HD7.. I may do the same.. or go to sprint if I don’t see some positive news from Verizon.. CEO is an D*uche to begin with.

    • AGREED squared says

      If I don’t see the phones released by april…I am out.. If Verizon wants to take over the world, they better get on the ball with releasing phones ahead of other carriers and carrying all types of phones, services.. They had the chance to take the Iphone in the beginning, and look what happened, now they have the chance w/ Win 7 phone.. and nothing.. Nokia will come along w/ new phones.. and they won’t get those either.. Or if so, late to the party.. ONLY reason I am using them at this point is for coverage alone.. Everything else is subpar.. The phones they do carry are a poor selection compared to others, they are the MOST expensive..

  3. Alex says

    I hope this isn’t true, but it’s starting to look likely as the supposed March release announcement of 2/28 has come and gone. It’s frustrating as VZW provides very good coverage, but really drops the ball providing its customers with NEW phones. I have a feeling that the release of WP7 on VZW will fall shortly after they announce tiered data plans and possibly near the announcement of the iPhone 5.

  4. Hideous says

    THIS SUCCCCKS! I’m so tired of waiting and the bad thing is that AT&T & Sprint service sucks in my area. I was looking forward to getting phone this month and now this. I hope they are wrong.

  5. HavaDroid says

    Well, I am glad I went ahead and got the droid x. It is a very nice phone. And frankly, I have not had problem ‘getting in and out’ of this phone. I wanted a WP7, but, well, you have all said it pretty well.

  6. MrScheym says

    Im over here in england, and its been out for some time now. All im going to say is that i have the htc trophy and its well worth the wait. The phone is amazing, the o.s is fantastic (still waiting on the much needed update). But definatly wait for the WP7, so much better than android!!

    • libis54 says

      I have a question for you, MrSheym. Does your trophy have a Super LCD screen? I haven’t found any reliable source saying it does or doesn’t have one. Thanks!

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