Using Your Android Development Skills For Windows Phone Applications

Microsoft has done it again, this time helping Android developers out on creating applications for Windows Phone. If you recall, JC Cimetiere posted a very useful guide for iPhone developers back in May 2011. Microsoft has now released a comprehensive pack to help Android developers port over to the Microsoft platform, as posted by Cimetiere. Once again, JC emphasizes how ultimately satisfying it is for a developer to expand to more than one platform. Although it may require a little extra work and having some different code, as a developer expanding your application potential and market is always rewarding.

How can you leverage your Android development expertise to build Windows Phone applications?

There’s no magic wand that will do the work for you, but we have put together a great package to help you get started.

The package consists of:


What’s next?

We are continuing to expand the scope of the API Mapping tool and the technical guidance. Our next step is to include the Mango features into the API Mapping tool (planned for this summer).

As mentioned above, we’re open for feedback and if you want to share your “porting” story let me know, we already have a few, like the Groundspeak Geocaching app.

Be sure to make the jump over to the original Microsoft post and read the full article if you are interested.


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