Upcoming WP7 Security Patch To Be Delivered Through Zune

An upcoming security patch from Microsoft will hit sometime in early May, rumored for May 3rd. The patch will block fake SSL certificates that could open users up to spoofing, phishing and more. There was speculation that Microsoft might deliver the patch OTA, but WinRumors has confirmed from Microsoft that it will indeed require Zune desktop software to install. (Mac users will receive the update via the Windows Phone 7 Connector)

Windows Phone 7 Security Patch

Similar the recent NoDo release, users will be prompted via OTA of an impending update.

via Winrumors


  1. Phil says

    I connected to Zune last night and received my updates: Samsung Focus update, Feb 2011, and March 2011 Copy and Paste. Took a few hours but definitely made a difference. Copy and Past works; selection is slightly different from WM6.1 but works well. Much faster access and downloads on WIFI too.

  2. Reid says

    Got the new update for the Focus. Pretty sweet. Now how about custom ringtones among other things even the cheapest phones can do.

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