Unlocked Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone Available As Ebay Daily Deal

Today only, the Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone is available on eBay as the daily deal. Not only is it available at 40% OFF but it’s also an unlocked device meaning you can purchase it and use it on any carrier. The MSRP on this phone is $499.99 but is on sale for $299.99 with FREE shipping. The phone is brand new and you save $200 on the purchase. Remember, this is an eBay daily deal, after today you will most likely not find it at this sale price anymore on eBay.

You’ll find on the eBay listing page that eBay makes you choose between AT&T and T-Mobile as the carrier “Type” when purchasing. However, Dell provides reassurance that you are definitely purchasing and unlocked device with the following message:

Whereas any Venue Pro purchased will support the majority of global 3G networks, here in the US you have to pick between two different versions that run optimally on either T-Mobile or AT&T. Again, either version will work on the majority of global 3G networks in addition to the chosen domestic GSM carrier.

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