Two Xbox LIVE Games By Glu Mobile Coming Soon To Windows Phone

In an exclusive reveal by WPCentral, Glu Mobile currently has two upcoming Xbox LIVE games in the works for Windows Phone.

The first game is Contract Killer, which as the name states has the player taking contracts to kill or capture designate targets. After each mission the player is free to purchase upgrades and weapons. Missions use an energy system that refills over time, therefore you probably won’t be tackling all missions in one sitting. Contract Killer also offers paid downloadable content in the form of credits, purchased with Microsoft Points, which allow the player to buy unique equipment and more energy. According to the reveal by sources, you can expect Contract Killer to release in the summer months of 2012. You can get a taste of Contract Killer through the PC Google Chrome browser version here.┬áNo information on price, but it will be a standard 200 Gamerscore title.

The second game to release by Glu Mobile is Gun Bros, which should be familiar to some users on other mobile platforms. Gun Bros is simple to pick up and play, using a twin-thumbstick setup you guide your manic shooter around the level to survive and shoot all your enemies. It wouldn’t be called “Gun Bros” for nothing, you will always have an AI companion fighting along your side throughout the entire game. Hence, your brother. The twist with Gun Bros (which makes it all the better) is that you can process “Xplodium” and turn it into gold. Gold is then used to purchase better weapons and gear. Typical with Glu Mobile games, Gun Bros also offers premium content through “War Bucks”, also purchased with Microsoft Points. War Bucks can be used to purchase unique gear and weapons.

Finally, Gun Bros also has a unique multiplayer feature which allows you and your friends to hire each other’s “Bros” to fight along your side. Doing this will also reward the hired player’s character. Your friend does not need to be online at all to hire their character. Gun Bros is also set to release in the summer months of this year, and also has a PC Google Chrome browser version available here. No information on price, but it will be a standard 200 Gamerscore title.

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