Twikini Jumps Ship From Windows Mobile To Windows Phone 7

Trinkit software, who develop the popular WM6.x Twitter app Twikini, have announced they’ll be shutting down the app shortly, and focusing all their efforts on the WP7 version. The change was crystalized Twitter changing their authentication API, and Trinkit has decided to not bother with the Windows Mobile version any longer, citing “the shape WM 6.x is in.”

All hope is not lost, for the WM6.x faithful. A more recent tweet says Trinkit is considering making the app open source, which would allow an enterprising developer to keep the project alive.

You have to wonder if this isn’t a wise move, given that WM6 isn’t exactly in the greatest state right now, it’s sink or swim for the Windows Phone world with WP7, and for its developers.

[via WMPU, WMExperts]

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