TouchXperience User Interface, Making Progress

Remember when we reported back in December that TouchXperience was headed to Windows Phone 7?

Since the last demo video, significant progress has been made on this alternative user interface. The developer, Julien Schapman, says that TouchXperience now benefits from Metro UI to create fully customizable screens in which you can place applications, contacts or even maps. TouchXperience is currently in the testing phase but unfortunately is not accepting any more testers. Though, Schapman does accept donations for this project and does say that if you are willing to donate, to contact him to obtain the application. When we look at the list of features below, this could become a fairly feature-packed UI.

TouchXperience for Windows Phone features:

  • Custom panels and widgets
  • Interactive backgrounds
  • Applications and games launcher
  • File explorer
  • Contact manager
  • Communication manager
  • Profile manager
  • Task manager
  • RSS reader
  • Web radios
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • DLNA support
  • Network drives support
  • Skydrive support
  • G-scrolling support
  • Windows Sideshow support (if MS let me create drivers and services)
  • Live tile support

Let us know in the comments below if you could see yourself switching from your Metro UI to this alternative in the future.

Via: MobilityDigest
Source: TouchXperience


  1. bill says

    My question is, do you have to unlock the phone for this to work and will it still work after (if we get) the NoDo update?

    • Lawrence Armstrong says

      It will need to be unlocked.
      In regards to it working after the NoDo update, I can’t say for sure. We must also remember that it is in the testing phase of development. I am not personally in the Beta so I will have trouble answering this one, I am sure someone from their forums could answer that better:

  2. bill says

    you know i think he should team up with microsoft because honestly, this TouchXperience program looks awesome…atleast he’s giving WP7 a custom GUI as well as other goodies…

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