TouchXperience Headed for WP7

TouchXperience was originally a project designed for Windows Phone 6.5, which would offer a major graphic overhaul to the ailing OS, with a new home screen, animations, and a boatload of customization. However, it took so long to develop that by the time it hit beta, the platform was all but dead, and everyone was interested in WP7 instead. Naturally, the developer decided to jump ship, and head for the newer OS, and the video above is the first footage we’ve seen of it.

Developer Julien Schapman calls it an “alternative UI”, and might run as launcher app, accessed from a tile within standard WP7.

Having watched the video, do you think it’s good enough to go on your WP7 phone? Would you install this and use it instead of the Metro UI? Let us know in the comments.

[via PocketNow]


  1. Lance Davis says

    Compared to WM6.5 this would be epic. The metro UI is 1000 times better than this though. No chance many people would use that junk.

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