TomTom Not Planned For Windows Phone 7

French website Monsmartphone reached out to TomTom to see if they were planning on bringing the immensely popular turn-by-turn GPS navigation system to Windows Phone 7 — they’re on iOS and older versions of Windows Mobile, after all. Unfortunately, the response was less than encouraging:

We have read your e-mail for a future product Tomtom compatible with Windows Mobile 7.
We have yet no information about it, so we are unable to tell you a release date or even if a future compatible product is expected.
We appreciate your understanding.

This could just be the usual corporate dodging and help desk ignorance, but it doesn’t give me much in the way of hope.


  1. Kumar says

    No surprise there. They dumped Windows Mobile for their last iteration, and are now more of a niche player in the smart phone GPS market. They, along with CoPilot, are missing a window of opportunity that exists with the lack of turn by turn navigation on WP7 currently. No worries though, Nokia will fill that void soon enough.

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