Three More Xbox LIVE Windows Phone Games Reduced To $0.99

After the 7 Xbox LIVE games that went on sale recently for Windows Phone, another three games have now joined the reduction wave. This time around Battlewagon, Deer Hunter 3D, and Glyder: Adventure Worlds have all been reduced to $0.99. While these three games may not be some of the best, especially compared to the original seven games that went on sale, it’s great to see the best aren’t the only ones being reduced in price. It’s not a bad thing to reduce the price of a game that hasn’t had much attention either. On the contrary, a price reduction is probably what it needs to begin with, not all games are worth more than $0.99 either.

You can find all your download links below, we’ll let you judge the games for yourself:

Deer Hunter 3D
Glyder: Adventure Worlds


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