The Great Windows Phone 7 MicroSD Kerfuffle Part π

The debate about MicroSD cards and WP7 phones continues, as we try and get to the bottom of what card you can use, and why it works over other ones.

It turns out that picking up “Class 4 or better” card isn’t actually a fix, because what WP7 needs is more than just speed. As posted in their support article:

Determining whether an SD card is Windows Phone 7 compliant is not a simple matter of judging its speed class. Several other factors, such as the number of random read/write operations per second, play a role in determining how well an SD card performs with Windows Phone 7 devices.

According to Engadget, the specifications need good “random access speed”, not “total throughput” which is what the Class rating accounts for. In other words, you might actually have to wait for a “Certified for Windows Phone 7″, as the type of cards that meet these specs are apparently only sold in bulk to manufacturers, not directly to consumers.

[via WindowsPhoneSecrets]


  1. Fox says

    I’m finding all this SD card kerfuffle very sad.

    It makes me think that Microsoft has tried to make Windows Phone 7 like the iPhone. The idea seems to be to make all information in & out of the phone to travel via Redmond. I guess this is all to prevent side-loading of apps.

    I avoided iPhone because I didn’t want that kind of thing. I don’t want Microsoft to copy iPhone’s ways.

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