The First Live Tile App Hits The Marketplace

WeatherBug is the first third party app we’ve spotted that actually takes advantage of WP7’s live tile abilities. The live tile has current weather conditions, with the ability to use push notifications to pop up if there are severe weather conditions in your area. Depending on how often you need the updates to come through on the live tile, you can manually set the interval from 20 minutes all the way up to 4 hours.

It’s a fairly basic implementation of the live tile functionality, but now that the first one has arrived, you can bet plenty more will be on the way soon.


  1. MyEvilMonkeys says

    It’s great to see a third party app using the live tile functionality. I do wish developers would choose to use the theme to determine tile color and mimic the Metro UI. I like the uniform themed look better than random poorly designed tiles.

  2. Chris says

    There was a Train Travel app available at launch for the UK market that allows the users to save their favourite journey to the live tile, thus allowing a quick glance of status for commuters

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