Tethering Homebrew Developed For HTC Phones

It’s definitely a hack, not particularly elegant or simple, but it’s tethering on an HTC WP7 phone. Discovered over on the XDA forums, here are the instructions for installing the xap:

1. Download XAP file in attach
2. Download HTC Sync for Android from HTC for USB Modem driver
3. Deploy XAP file to your phone
4. Turn of your Data conection in your phone.
5. Run DFRouter and click on “HTC Modem”
6. Open your device manager, it will show 2 unknown device, choise device have ID is : USB\VID_0BB4&PID_0EFF&REV_0000&MI_01, update your driver with HtcUsbMdm and you got HTC USB Modem.
7. Make a dial up call from your computer and set it work like other WP7 tethering from samsung or LG.
8. Click “Zune Mode” to come back with Zune Sync.

For dial up make a call *99# with mi_01 id modem. Mi_00 is diag port, maybe have some qualcomm unlock here. Don’t forget add +CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”your apn” in your advance property of modem.
For modem disconnect error let turn of your data connection in your phone, crazy but it work. Not sure it charge or not from your provider.
Wifi have native code too, but need more time to to.
Will update version soon!

Important note: Don’t unistall dfrouter before you back to Zun Mode.

It’s tricky, buggy, and some people aren’t able to make it work properly, and you have to be hooked up via USB for it to work. However, now that much of the heavy lifting is done, I wouldn’t be surprised if a much simpler version came out in the near future.

[via MobilityDigest]


  1. Akshay says

    i have uninstalled dfrouter before gettin into zune mode can anybdy help me hw to get back to zune mode as my hd7 nw is not been detected by zune anymore.
    pls smbdy help….

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