The Best Music Applications For Your Windows Phone

The Windows Phone Blog pulls through once again with a hefty list of music applications they recommend for 'working out at the gym' (and really anything else you want music with). Courtesy of Andy Colley who posted the list, many of the applications are truly some of the best available on the Windows Phone. Of special note I want to recognize Zune, (which isn't … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Blog Visual Guide On Custom Ringtones

We'll keep this post short and to the point just like they did over at the Windows Phone Blog; With the release of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, as many of you know, you can now create and use custom ringtones on your Windows Phone. Below is a visual guide provided by Microsoft, along with two great links you must check out before even thinking about adding a custom ringtone to your … [Read more...]

Is The Zune Dead?

It's been circling the drain for a while now, but is this the final demise for the Zune? Bloomberg's Diana Bass believes so, at least in hardware format. In a tweet, she said: Microsoft won't produce any more new models of the Zune video/music player hardware, a source tell us. Continuing on to say: Instead Microsoft will focus on the Zune software that's used on Windows … [Read more...]

Zune Software Update Released, Unrelated To Windows Phone 7 Update

Yesterday, Microsoft pushed a Zune software update which sent up warning flares that perhaps it was a sign that we'd see the NoDo Windows Phone 7 update. According to Zune support, it's unrelated to the Windows Phone 7 Update. "It’s a small bug that affects only certain customers – very little was actually changed, and it has to do with Windows Phone device driver level … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Connector For Mac Hacked For ZuneHD


Zune and Macs don't really tend to play very well together, but with a bit of command line jiggery-pokery, it looks like there's a workaround now. As always with this sort of thing, you take your device's life into your own hands. Written up on the AnythingButiPod forum by nate8nate, here's the trick: Download the Windows Phone 7 Connector Open Windows Phone 7 Connector and … [Read more...]