Battleship Now Available On Windows Phone Marketplace – Featuring True Xbox LIVE Multiplayer


The classic Hasbro game, Battleship, is now available on the Windows Phone marketplace for the price of $2.99. The price is (unfortunately) more expensive than the same version published by Electronic Arts on other platforms. Of course, Battleship on the Windows Phone is also published by EA, and it is also the first Xbox LIVE Windows Phone game to bring true Xbox LIVE … [Read more...]

Super Monkey Ball Receives Price Drop To $0.99


With the discovery of Super Monkey Ball 2 now comes a permanent price drop for the original Super Monkey Ball on Windows Phone. The price drop bring Super Monkey Ball all the way down to only $0.99, but it is up to you if you justify this price drop with the fact that the much improved sequel is due to arrive soon. Super Monkey Ball has suffered since it was released on … [Read more...]

Asphalt 5, Galaga Legion DX, And Pool Pro Online 3 Also Coming Soon To Windows Phone

Of course, E3 is only hours away, but more and more Windows Phone games have been discovered through the days lately. Hopefully E3 will bring official news of all these great Xbox LIVE games coming to Windows Phone. This time around, it has been discovered that Asphalt 5, Galaga Legion DX, and Pool Pro Online 3 will all be coming to Windows Phone soon. Below we have some … [Read more...]

Deal Of The Week: Chickens Can’t Fly On Sale For $1.99


Chickens Can't Fly is the Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week on Windows Phone marketplace for $1.00 off the regular price of $2.99, now for $1.99. The Deal of the Week on Chickens Can't Fly is active up until next Tuesday, June 5, 2012. Due to receive an update any moment now integrating the recently revealed Avatar Awards, and tweaking the difficulty of the game in some scenarios, … [Read more...]

MonstaFish Now Available On Windows Phone Marketplace


MonstaFish is now available on the Windows Phone marketplace for $0.99. It is great to see more realistically-priced Xbox LIVE games becoming available. In MonstaFish, the player is essentially protecting the ocean from pollution by, through a variety of game modes, either saving the fish that aren't infected or ridding the ocean of those infected. The gameplay mechanics are … [Read more...]