Nokia Pulls Out Their Best Xbox LIVE Driving Games On Windows Phone


With owning a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, and any Windows Phone for that matter, you of course have access to the massive Xbox LIVE community. With a wide collection of games, with genres of all variety, Nokia wanted to call out the best driving games you can play with Xbox LIVE. Of course, these games are their own best in their opinion, and you may just have different … [Read more...]

Xbox LIVE Games Shoot 1UP, Mush, And Ascend: New Gods Coming Soon To Windows Phone


Three new Xbox LIVE Windows Phone games have been revealed in the midst of E3 2012; Shoot 1UP, Mush, and Ascend: New Gods are all coming soon to Windows Phone. We have some information on each one below, along with some gameplay hands on. No information on release dates yet, but as soon as they come up we will provide them. Up first, Mush is published by Microsoft Studios … [Read more...]

Rovio Working On Optimized Angry Birds Game For Nokia Lumia 610


Due to the Nokia Lumia 610 running on Windows Phone Tango, and being constrained by its 256 MB of RAM, the list of incompatible applications is slowly growing. Most new Lumia 610 owners will immediately go for big application downloads such as Skype and Angry Birds. In regards to at least these two applications, Skype shows no signs of being optimized for the Lumia 610, while … [Read more...]

Babel Rising 3D Announced For July Release On Windows Phone


Just as Babel Rising 3D was discovered through the achievements list towards the end of May, now Ubisoft has made an official announcement about the game. Babel Rising 3D is in fact releasing on the Windows Phone some time in July, no exact date yet. Babel Rising 3D will, of course, be yet another Xbox LIVE game to become available on the Windows Phone. Here's what the … [Read more...]

Deal Of The Week: Assassin’s Creed™ – Altaïr’s Chronicles HD On Sale For $2.99


Yet another game never featured as the Windows Phone Deal of the Week (as it should be that way), Assassin's Creed™ - Altaïr's Chronicles HD is now on sale for $2.00 off from the regular price of $4.99. You can now purchase Assassin's Creed™ - Altaïr's Chronicles HD on your Windows Phone for only $2.99, until next Tuesday, June 12, 2012. If you never played Assassin's Creed™ … [Read more...]