Self-proclaimed expert gives tips on the Windows Phone Final Fantasy game


It is one thing to be a hardcore gamer, it is another thing to work in the video game industry, and it is yet another to be a fan of a video game franchise. Andy Myers, a member of the Windows Phone team over at the Windows Phone Blog, is actually a self-proclaimed (and deserving of the title) expert on Final Fantasy. Myers' dedication and love for the Final Fantasy … [Read more...]

Mirror’s Edge now available on Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Marketplace


Yes, it is in fact another exclusive game to Nokia Lumia Windows Phones, only for a limited time as usual. After the limited time exclusivity for Lumia Windows Phones expires, Mirror's Edge will be available on the Windows Phone Marketplace as a whole. We would assume this exclusive period will most likely last 1-3 months. As soon as Mirror's Edge is available for all … [Read more...]

Gun Bros now available on Windows Phone Marketplace


Gun Bros is finally available on the Windows Phone Marketplace, long awaited since May when we first posted about it. This game should be familiar to many of you, you have either heard of it before or played it on other platforms. It's absolutely free to play on the Windows Phone too! This is a paid downloadable content game, if you're wondering why it's free. That doesn't mean … [Read more...]

Deal of the Week: Plants vs. Zombies on sale for $2.99


One of the biggest Xbox LIVE Windows Phone games, Plants vs. Zombies, is now on sale as the Deal of the Week. Plants vs. Zombies is a highly addictive defense-style game where you must use the lawn, rooftop, and other areas available to you to defend against waves of zombies with plants. Until next Tuesday, July 17, 2012 you can purchase Plants vs. Zombies on the Windows Phone … [Read more...]

The official Nokia blog shares their five favorite sports games on the Windows Phone


TheĀ Nokia ConversationsĀ blog is keeping their streak up posting applications and games that keep them occupied on their Windows Phones. This time we take a look at their five favorite sports games on the Windows Phone. PES 2012 has quite the reputation on all platforms the game is available on. When PES 2012 became available on the Windows Phone, fans all around the world … [Read more...]