Windows Phone Must Have Games Get Release Dates And Pricing


After Microsoft previewed the February Must Have Games for Windows Phone at CES 2012, now Major Nelson brings us some more details. The Windows Phone Xbox LIVE Must Have Games have now each received an official release date and pricing. Beginning February 1 the Must Have Games promotion will begin, and will end on February 29. Major Nelson details that (as we figured) each game … [Read more...]

Four New Xbox LIVE Windows Phone Games Coming Soon!


We recently noticed over on the Xbox website via Windows Phone 7.5 Games that four new games have been listed. Age of Zombies, Tamagotchi, geoDefense Swarm and Bullet Asylum are the four newly listed games. Unlike the other games already listed, these four games still do not have any active links to view information or in-game screens. It's expected that with these games being … [Read more...]

Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone Review


If you're anything like me, you're an Xbox Live fan and a WP7 user too. I use my Xbox for almost everything like streaming movies via Netflix, listening to music from Zune and keeping up with my friends both during and outside of gameplay. The fact that Xbox Live had integration with WP7 was awesome for me and scoring extra achievements was even better through games like Uno, … [Read more...]

New Xbox Live Games Coming To Windows Phone

Xbox Live games for Windows Phone

Today at Gamescon, Microsoft announced 14 new Xbox Live games that will be coming to Windows Phone in the coming months. In addition to the new games, there were announcements of several new features: Avatar Awardables: Like achievements—but wearable. Once unlocked, these items will automatically appear in your avatar closet and can be worn on your avatar’s sleeve as a … [Read more...]

Angry Birds for Windows Phone Now Available in Marketplace

Angry Birds Windows Phone

Angry Birds, the most popular game franchise on mobile phones, is now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Not much needs to be said about this game. It's priced at $2.99, which is higher then we'd like, but it's hard not to be excited about this release. Angry Birds for Windows Phone now available in Marketplace … [Read more...]