Microsoft Shows Windows Phone And Kinect Interaction At GameFest Conference

At Microsoft's recent GameFest conference held in Seattle, they showed a quick demonstration of one of several ways the Xbox 360 Kinect and Windows Phone will interact.  With updates releasing in the next coming months for both the Windows Phone and Xbox 360, they will allow interaction between the two devices. In the Microsoft demo shown at the event, they showed how, using QR … [Read more...]

Microsoft Shows Off Windows Phone Kinect Integration

Microsoft has demoed Windows Phone and Kinect integration in a new video that has emerged on the Internet. The video shows a Microsoft employee explaining what is possible with this integration, along with the power it gives companies over their commercials when seen on the Xbox 360 console with Kinect. Remember, Xbox 360 will also receive the usual Fall update this year, … [Read more...]

HTC Trophy on Verizon Official for May 26th, Priced at $149.99

HTC Trophy

The drama that is the rumored release date of the HTC Trophy on Verizon Wireless has thankfully come to an end with an official release date. The HTC Trophy will be available on Verizon Wireless online starting on May 26th, priced at $149.99, with in-store sales starting on June 2nd. For customers who purchase the HTC Trophy prior to July 15th, they can get a free Xbox 360 … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 And XBox 360 Will Be Able To Play Together, Coming Soon

At the Microsoft’s X’10 event in Toronto, RGBFilter talked to Microsoft about Windows Phone 7 and gaming, and came out with a very interesting tidbit: WP7 devices and XBoxs will be able to play together, live, real time, over Wi-Fi. This feature will be available in the "near future". How awesome is that? You could be playing a game of Uno with a friend half way around the … [Read more...]

Microsoft demos game that runs on Windows Phone, Windows and Xbox 360

Microsoft was slated to give us more details on Windows Phone 7 series development at Mix10, but now we're getting some interesting details prior to that conference. Microsoft's Eric Rudder, speaking at TechEd Middle East, discussed how developers can create games that will share code across Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox 360. That means a developer who works on a game, can do … [Read more...]