Using Your Android Development Skills For Windows Phone Applications


Microsoft has done it again, this time helping Android developers out on creating applications for Windows Phone. If you recall, JC Cimetiere posted a very useful guide for iPhone developers back in May 2011. Microsoft has now released a comprehensive pack to help Android developers port over to the Microsoft platform, as posted by Cimetiere. Once again, JC emphasizes how … [Read more...]

Receive A Free Xbox 360 Game For Your Published Windows Phone Application

Yalla Apps is now offering a free Xbox 360 or PC game to the first 100 members that publish an application to the Windows Phone Marketplace. Yalla Apps is a portal, supported by Microsoft, which allows developers from the Middle East and Africa to submit their applications for the ¬†Windows Phone Marketplace. Also, if your application becomes the "App of the Month" you will also … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Marketplace Internet Version Detailed

We mentioned Microsoft's plans with Windows Phone Marketplace earlier this week, but in that same post they also mentioned more details were coming soon for the web-based Windows Phone Marketplace. The internet version of WP Marketplace will release alongside the Mango update later this year. It will give customers much more flexibility when accessing applications and games for … [Read more...]

Unannounced Mango Features Flood In After Developer Tools Release


After the Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta was released yesterday, we expected nothing less than for both developers and aficionados alike to get their hands on the emulator and find unannounced features. Yes, first of all the developer tools beta does state it is Windows Phone 7.1, but that's only temporary, Windows Phone 7.5 is the codenamed Mango update coming later … [Read more...]

Microsoft To Release Mango To Developers Before Official Launch


Microsoft has revealed to WinRumors, both verbally and via Twitter that, that they do plan on releasing Mango to developers before the official launch. Specifically, they said it would be available to developers in about four weeks time. Developers will be able to load the Mango update right onto their retail devices. The information was given to WinRumors by¬†Achim Berg, … [Read more...]