Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone Review


If you're anything like me, you're an Xbox Live fan and a WP7 user too. I use my Xbox for almost everything like streaming movies via Netflix, listening to music from Zune and keeping up with my friends both during and outside of gameplay. The fact that Xbox Live had integration with WP7 was awesome for me and scoring extra achievements was even better through games like Uno, … [Read more...]

Xbox WP7 Companion App Shows Vudu Integration

Vudu Xbox WP7 app

Now that Nokia has announced new hardware in the form of the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800, Microsoft is using Nokia World 2011 to showcase Windows Phone 7.5. They were showing off demos of an Xbox Companion app that will act as a basic remote control. That in itself is a nice find, but there's more. A closer look reveals an orange tile that says "VUDU Movies". Vudu's streaming music … [Read more...]

Close To 1000 WebOS Developers Moving To Windows Phone


With the recent HP withdrawal of tablets and phones, developers for the WebOS platform are quickly accepting Windows Phone as an option.  Over the weekend, Brandon Watson, Senior Director of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 development, offered WebOS developers free tools and training for Windows Phone devices.  To be specific, Watson reached out to WebOS developers after HP … [Read more...]

Samsung Focus REV 1.4 Updates Now Available Again

Samsung Focus Rev 1.3

As mentioned previously, the Samsung Focus updates for revision 1.4 devices are now available again and being rolled out. Microsoft was real serious about expediting scheduling for those updates. Eric Hautala, over at the Windows Phone Blog, brings us the update roll out announcement. Hautala directs users to connect their 1.4 devices to their PC to receive the updates, it … [Read more...]

Samsung Focus Updates Now Tested, Microsoft Expediting Scheduling

Samsung Focus Rev 1.3

Finally, the Samsung Focus updates have completed testing! Even though (supposedly) only revision 1.4 devices were affected by the update problems earlier this year, since then all Focus updates have been halted. Eric Hautala over at the Windows Phone Blog provided us with the usual update on updates today. He brings us the great news that the updates have finally concluded … [Read more...]