Windows Phone 8 build numbers indicate increasing development


It is no surprise to see something that shows Windows Phone 8 is being developed, but the changing build numbers over the course of days indicate all systems are full steam ahead. Professor Thibault has noticed the Windows Phone 8 build numbers are increasing over several days, indicating that plenty of content is still being worked on. Sample of current build … [Read more...]

Nokia’s VP of Worldwide Developer Relations talks Verizon and Sprint, PureView, and future Windows Phone devices


Neowin sat down with Richard Kerris, Nokia's VP of Worldwide Developer Relations, where he talked about Windows Phone on Sprint and Verizon, the future of PureView, and making concepts a reality with future devices. We break down all the juicy Windows Phone details right below for your easy reading. "It won't be long" before Lumia Windows Phones are available through … [Read more...]

ZTE Windows Phone 8 devices have a second quarter of 2013 expected release


Although ZTE is busy bringing the ZTE Tania to the US and pushing phones through the FCC, it was clearly missing from the initial manufacturer list for Windows Phone 8 devices. Well, it turns out ZTE was missing from that list because their Windows Phone 8 devices are not launching until the second quarter of 2013. The information comes from a news article at China-based … [Read more...]

Leaked Microsoft Research presentation shows off arc-shaped keyboard on Windows Phone


It has been long rumored that Microsoft was working on a one-handed keyboard for future devices for some time now, and now a leaked Microsoft Research presentation indicates makes it real. The keyboard is clearly designed to accommodate one-handed thumb typing. Instead of using a standard keyboard to type, the keyboard for the arc-shaped design takes a form similar to standard … [Read more...]

The Lumia 610 is not the only low-tier Windows Phone to exist from Nokia


Via a conference call with investors, Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop has reaffirmed that Nokia is not only committed to Windows Phone, but that the Lumia 610 is definitely not the only low-tier device to exist. Elop emphasized that Nokia needs to compete with Android aggressively, and that means going full force into the low-tier device market. "The low-end price point war is an … [Read more...]