Microsoft will take on awareness issues with the release of Windows Phone 8


At Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, there was a large Windows Phone presence, without a doubt, but some would say otherwise as far as the real world goes. Microsoft took the stage at WPC and declared that they realize there is a Windows Phone awareness problem, and they will address that issue with Windows Phone 8 later this year. Some instances of lack of awareness … [Read more...]

T-Mobile announces Joyn RCS-e service for current and future Windows Phones


In a recent IFA Preview Event that took place in Munich, T-Mobile (in this case Deutsche Telekom), gave insight on the future of their upcoming RCS-e service. The name of the service is Joyn, and part of the future insight was the fact that the service will be integrated into Windows Phone 8, and available as an application for older Windows Phone devices (Windows Phone … [Read more...]

Microsoft brings back memories with determination to compete against Apple


At Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer brings back memories of the competitive history between Microsoft and Apple. That competitive battle especially reached a peak in the 1990's between Microsoft's PC and Apple's Mac systems. Now, Ballmer is bringing it all back, saying "we are trying to make absolutely clear we are not going to leave any … [Read more...]

Small Windows Phone 7.8 versus Windows Phone 8 feature comparison leaks


In a feature comparison supposedly leaked and posted up at, we get an idea of some more differences between the Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8 updates. Both updates are set to release later this year. Some of the "leaked" features are kind of common sense, or already known, while others are a surprise. As you'll notice in the image attached, there are … [Read more...]

According to server logs, Windows Phone 8 devices are already among us


Now, this is news worth reading. The developers behind the Windows Phone wallpaper application - Love Wallpaper HD - have sent WPDang some interesting screenshots. The screenshots show off more than a handful of possible Windows Phone 8 devices! As you will come to notice in the screenshot attached, most of the devices are Nokia manufactured, but there is more to it. The … [Read more...]