What To Know About Windows Phone 8 And First-Gen Devices


The big talk around is about Windows Phone Tango, but most of us already know about the bigger and better that will release known as Apollo later this year. Many current first-gen Windows Phone users have been hesitant to find out if they will be receiving updates later this year, or if they will have to upgrade. Lets face it, most users will want to upgrade later this year … [Read more...]

Dual-core Snapdragon Windows Phone 8 Being Tested for Sprint

According to a report this morning on The Verge, Microsoft's engineering team is currently testing a dual-core Snapdragon S4 Windows Phone 8 handset for Sprint. What's more, the expectation is for this phone to be released later this year. It isn't all good news though, will one source indicating that Sprint won't carry another Windows Phone until later this year, when Windows … [Read more...]

ZTE Orbit Supports OEM Enabled NFC

ZTE stated the newly announced ZTE Orbit includes NFC support at MWC 2012. Many were led to immediately believe this NFC support was part of Windows Phone Tango. That's not the case, as Microsoft has elaborated. Company representatives at Mobile World Congress even personally confirmed that handset did come with NFC support built-in and would be available based on … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 8 Brings Major Changes

Windows Phone 8 is going to usher in some major changes, according to details leaked in a video obtained by PocketNow. The video was created by Microsoft and features Senior Vice President Joe Belfiore. It was intended for partners at Nokia. Maybe not a good idea given the leak. So what's changed and what can we expect with Windows Phone 8, codenamed Apollo? … [Read more...]

Paul Thurrott Gives The Lowdown On Microsoft’s Windows Phone Strategy For 2012


As Paul Thurrott, owner of Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows, has given some insight on Microsoft's plans for 2012 with the Windows Phone. As he sat in CES he wrote up a lengthy article on what Microsoft is planning, what to expect and some honest opinions. We went through the editorial and summed up the good juice for you, blended it, and have it all served below for your … [Read more...]