The Future Of Skype For Windows Phone Remains A Slow-Developing Mystery


Skype has been running under the Microsoft powerhouse for many months now, yet with the release of Skype on the Windows Phone OS recently, it just does not match up with a true Skype experience. Lets be honest, apart from the dilemma of Skype running well on the Nokia Lumia 610 or not, the application is useless all together. Microsoft released Skype on the Windows Phone … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 8 Preview Devices Going Around In Australia


It seems Microsoft, or the involved OEMs if anything, have chosen to hide some Windows Phone 8 devices down under in Australia. According to multiple sources at WPDownUnder, there seems to be "credible corroborated information" on at least three OEMs testing out Windows Phone 8 devices in the country. Who are the big three OEMs hiding out some future devices in Australia? … [Read more...]

Rumor: Samsung Focus S II Windows Phone 8 Device Set For October Release

Samsung Galaxy S III

Sure, it was a surprise and all that the Samsung Focus 2 was just announced recently, but with each passing day the attention is being paid to future Windows Phones. Considering the rumor that Samsung is expected to release several Windows Phones this year, rumors are building up now on what will probably be the best of the Samsung devices to release. It may well be the code … [Read more...]

Rumor: Nokia Lumia 900 Coming To Saudi Arabia With Windows Phone 8 In October


In a Twitter conversation that has since been deleted, Nokia's Saudi Arabia team responded to a Nokia Lumia 900 release date inquiry. The response has stirred up attention after the Nokia Saudi Arabia Twitter handle (@NokiaKSA) responded with the following (translated): NOKIA SAUDI ARABIA @ NokiaKSA @ IMousa7 Nokia phones will be available in Saudi Arabia to Umia in ten AD, … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 8 Devices Show Up Under T-Mobile And Verizon Speed Tests


Speed test reports with carriers T-Mobile and Verizon show some interesting evidence of future Windows Phone devices. We now know for sure, if necessary, that Windows Phone 8 devices will be available on T-Mobile and Verizon later this year. However, the reports bring plenty more extra goodies to our attention. Specifically, the devices show up under Windows Phone 8 "Apollo" … [Read more...]