Mac Support for Windows Phone 7 Series?

In the past, being a Mac user had it's challenges when wanting to use a Windows Mobile device. If you want use the Zune HD or any Zune device for that matter, there are even more hoops to jump through. Given the tight integration of Zune software with Windows Phone 7 Series, that would seriously hamper adoption by Mac users. Well, apparently Microsoft hasn't closed the door on … [Read more...]

First Windows Phone 7 Series Device

Engadget's weekly show featured Microsoft's Aaron Woodman and he was packing the first Windows Phone 7 Series device we've seen. The LG Windows Phone 7 Series was a QWERTY slider, slightly thicker than the Nexus One or iPhone and had a 5 megapixel camera. Not much else to report, other than it's good to see prototypes in the wild. This is a good sign that perhaps a … [Read more...]

Windows Mobile 6.5 To Be Rebranded as Windows Phone Starter Edition

With Microsoft gearing up for the release of Windows Phone 7 series, many have wondered what's going to happen with Windows Mobile 6.5. Apparently, it will now be rebranded as Windows Phone Starter Edition. We're not sure what makes it a "starter" phone and in fact it'll likely appeal to enthusiasts more than new smartphone owners. Things would be too easy if there were … [Read more...]

Adobe taking a pass on Flash for Windows Mobile 6.5, looking to Windows Phone 7 Series

It appears Adobe is going to take a pass on bringing Flash to Windows Mobile 6.5. According to an Adobe employee via Adobe's forums, the company will bypass the current version of WinMo for Windows Phone 7. "You can expect the final release for Android to be available mid-year. All Android devices that meet our minimum s/w and h/w requirements will be supported. … [Read more...]

Door open for OEM’s To Upgrade 6.5 Devices to Windows Phone 7

We didn't think this would be possible, but now a ray of hope has emerged from Microsoft's Alex Reeve who said this when asked if 6.5 phones were upgradeable to Windows Phone 7. It's early days yet, and that's really for our hardware partners to think about. Sounds as if the door is open, but what about phones that exist meeting Microsoft's stringent specs for Windows … [Read more...]