Microsoft To Showcase XNA Game Studio 4.0 at GDC

This week brings us GDC (Game Developer's Conference) and Microsoft is planning on showcasing XNA Game Studio 4.0. As we touched on the other day, Microsoft's new development tools allow developers to share code across Xbox, Windows and Windows Phone platforms. A single project can result in game development across three platforms. XNA Game Studio 4.0 will include hardware … [Read more...]

Microsoft demos game that runs on Windows Phone, Windows and Xbox 360

Microsoft was slated to give us more details on Windows Phone 7 series development at Mix10, but now we're getting some interesting details prior to that conference. Microsoft's Eric Rudder, speaking at TechEd Middle East, discussed how developers can create games that will share code across Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox 360. That means a developer who works on a game, can do … [Read more...]

Video Walkthrough of Windows Phone 7 Series shows Zune influence, reveals emoticon keyboard

Microsoft has given Chris Pirillo a demonstration of Windows Phone 7 series and the result is a lengthy video that provides a great overview of the new interface. Those familiar with the Zune HD interface will find it's the inspiration for much of the UI in Windows Phone 7. The phone used is a prototype. Also of note is an emoticon keyboard, that's perfect for … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series makes clean break from Windows Mobile

Last month, Microsoft promised more details on developing for Windows Phone 7 Series would be coming at MIX10. Ahead of that conference, we've got some news regarding development of apps for the new platform. Charlie Kindel, a member of Windows Phone developer experience team, indicates to us that Silverlight, XNA and .Net will figure prominently in the development of apps for … [Read more...]

HTC HD2 Not Eligible for Windows Phone 7 Upgrade

The HTC HD2 is no doubt the most highly speced out Windows Mobile 6 device on the market. Naturally, one would think it would be eligible for the vaulted upgrade to Windows Phone 7. Not so fast. According to Natasha Kwan, Microsoft’s General Manager for Mobile Communications Business in the Asia-Pacific market, the HTC HD2 does not meet the requirements due to it having "more … [Read more...]