Photosynth On Windows Phone Releasing Alongside Mango

For those wondering why Photosynth still isn't available on Windows Phone, some information has shown up thanks to Photosynth is a photo application developed by Microsoft used to create 360 panoramas of any images captured on a mobile device. Released a few months back only on the Apple iPhone, users of Windows Phone have since … [Read more...]

More Windows Phone 7.5 Features Leaked


As if our other article wasn't enough, there have been even more features leaked to come with the Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) update later this year. We have already mentioned Bing Audio, turn-by-turn map guidance and SMS dictation all releasing with the Mango update. But wait, there's more! Set to also release with the Mango update later this year are the following (so … [Read more...]

Mango To Offer Shazam-like feature, turn-by-turn voice navigation and more

Bing Audio

We always had the inkling that Microsoft would be announcing new consumer features in Mango as we started to near it's release this fall. To our surprise, we have news of a few new features thanks to Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk of the Windows Phone Dev Podcast. Mango will include Bing Audio, which sounds exactly like Shazam. You'll be able to use your Windows Phone to "listen" … [Read more...]

REMIX11 Looks To Bring More Windows Phone 7.5 Goodness


REMIX11 has been announced to take place in Sydney, Australia from June 1-2, 2011. Looking at the information of speakers to participate in the event, there will be plenty of talk on the Mango (Windows Phone 7.5) update. Hopefully, this information will be new and different from what has already been announced at MIX11 and more since then. Speakers of 'Real world Windows … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Roadmap Event on May 25


Microsoft is planning a May 25 event in London to further detail the future of Windows Phone and its devices. It is expected that more details will also be revealed about the "Mango" updated expected later this year. Although NoDo is still missing (including it's pre-NoDo update), Microsoft is hard at work on the expected biggest update of this year, referring to "Mango." The … [Read more...]