Mango SDK To Be Available For Developers Today Along With A September Release Date Announcement

Neowin has reason to believe from their sources¬†that the Mango/Windows Phone 7.5 SDK will in fact be released for developers at some point today. The SDK is expected to release alongside the UK/US unveiling of the consumer based features. This initial SDK release will be a Beta so it is not final build. Also coming from Neowin's sources, there will be an announcement on the … [Read more...]

Acer, Fujitsu, ZTE Are New Windows Phone OEM Partners

Ahead of today's event, we have official word from Microsoft (Romania) that three new manufacturers will be OEM partners. Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE will join HTC, Samsung and LG. While it's not clear if we'll see handsets in the US from these manufacturers, you can expect Mango equipped phones from them. Today's press event should shed more light on new hardware, although we do not … [Read more...]

Watch Live Coverage of Today’s Windows Phone Press Conference

Windows Phone Press Event

At 1o:00 EST, Microsoft will unveil Mango to a crowded room of VIP invitees. Unfortunately, we were unable to get an invite for the event (we're being told they are "at capacity"), so we will not be able to provide coverage on the ground. Thankfully, there will be a live stream so everyone can watch today's event online. You can view the live stream that details the next major … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7.5/Mango Latest Reveals & eWM Full Feature List


We have now compiled a full (work in progress) feature list of all good things coming with the "Mango"/Windows Phone 7.5 update later this year for Windows Phone 7. You can find the list in our forums in this thread, if we missed anything be sure to let us know. With this small announcement on our behalf, we also have the most recently confirmed features below, before the … [Read more...]

Over 500 New Features Coming To Windows Phone With Mango Update

The Microsoft Developer Forum 2011 is taking place today at Shinagawa Intercity, Japan, and Steve Ballmer has announced great information on the VIP preview¬†May 24 event tomorrow. The biggest information he announced today is that over 500 new features will be coming to Windows Phone via "Mango" (Windows Phone 7.5). Now, we don't expect all these 500 to be shown off at the … [Read more...]