Mozart And Omnia To Go CDMA, WP7.1 To Come In Next 60 Days

MobilityDigest have done a good thing, and at CES have gotten some incredibly good info about the future of WP7. Here are a few tidbits, hit up the link for everything in detail: The Windows Phone 7 update won't be coming this month, but rather within 30-60 days. It'll bring updated Marketplace … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Updates For 2011 Revealed

Paul Thurrott, who is eternally on the inside track for Windows Phone info, has released the update schedule for WP7 over 2011. There will be a small called NoDo update announced in January, landing in February: This update will include the famed copy and paste functional addition, support for the … [Read more...]

Second Major Windows Phone 7 Update To Land In February?

There's a rumor that not only will we see a WP7 update in January (bringing at the very least copy paste), but another one might be announced at the Mobile World Congress in February. According to unnamed sources, Ballmer will make a keynote at the event, and it will mark the one year since … [Read more...]