Gartner: Sales of Windows Phone, Windows Mobile Drop in Q3 2011


A report out today from Gartner details worldwide smartphone sales by operating system and show a decrease in market share for Microsoft from 2.7% to 1.5%. They do not break out Windows Mobile and Windows Phone, so it's not clear if sales of Windows Phone increased, decreased or remained flat. One thing is for certain, during Q3 2011 they trailed Bada, which cannot be a good … [Read more...]

Windows Mobile Outsold Windows Phone 7 Last Quarter

Recently, we posted a news story which examined if Windows Phone 7 had been outsold by its predecessor, Windows Mobile. Unfortunately, that analysis appears to be accurate, as stats released by NPD, as Windows Mobile still held on to 3% of the market, and the newcomer WP7 took 2%, and WP7 debuted at a lower place than any other recent smartphone platform launch. The reasons … [Read more...]

Microsoft adds free turn-by-turn navigation to Bing for Windows Mobile


Micrsoft has followed Google, at least in one aspect, by now offering free turn-by-turn voice navigation to Bing for Windows Mobile. Google made waves in the navigation market by adding similar features using Google Maps and now it's Microsoft's turn. The Bing for Windows Mobile app was updated this morning, so get your navigation on and let us know how it works for … [Read more...]

Opera Mobile 10 Goes Final

After a littany of beta releases, we're pleased to bring you news this morning that Opera Mobile 10 has gone final. Of course, it's available as a free download directly from Opera's website. Some of our readers experienced a handful of issues with the previous beta, so let's hope the quirks have been removed with this latest release. Be sure to let us know how it's working for … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series makes clean break from Windows Mobile

Last month, Microsoft promised more details on developing for Windows Phone 7 Series would be coming at MIX10. Ahead of that conference, we've got some news regarding development of apps for the new platform. Charlie Kindel, a member of Windows Phone developer experience team, indicates to us that Silverlight, XNA and .Net will figure prominently in the development of apps for … [Read more...]