Windows Mobile Outsold Windows Phone 7 Last Quarter

Recently, we posted a news story which examined if Windows Phone 7 had been outsold by its predecessor, Windows Mobile. Unfortunately, that analysis appears to be accurate, as stats released by NPD, as Windows Mobile still held on to 3% of the market, and the newcomer WP7 took 2%, and WP7 debuted at a lower place than any other recent smartphone platform launch. The reasons … [Read more...]

Did Windows Mobile Outsell Windows Phone 7 In Q4?

MobilityDigest raises a very interesting question: did WM6.5 outsell WP7 in Q4? Because we don't have sale numbers for either, it's hard to judge, but here's what we know: Microsoft shipped out 2 million WP7 handsets in that quarter, and not all can be considered sales. In Q2, WM6.5 sold 3,096,400 units, in Q3 it was 2,247,900. If that trend stays true, that would mean around … [Read more...]

Office Mobile 2010 released, upgrade for free


Microsoft today announced the release of Office 2010 coupled with Office 2010 Mobile. The mobile version of Office 2010 will be a free upgrade to those of you using Windows Mobile 6.5 and have the previous version installed. Want to get ¬†your free upgrade? Simply visit the Marketplace to download. Reminder, you must be running Windows Mobile 6.5 and have the previous version … [Read more...]

Door open for OEM’s To Upgrade 6.5 Devices to Windows Phone 7

We didn't think this would be possible, but now a ray of hope has emerged from Microsoft's Alex Reeve who said this when asked if 6.5 phones were upgradeable to Windows Phone 7. It's early days yet, and that's really for our hardware partners to think about. Sounds as if the door is open, but what about phones that exist meeting Microsoft's stringent specs for Windows … [Read more...]

WIFI Remote Access, freeware app allows you to remotely connect to your phone

WMExperts turns us on to a new and free application that is in a word, "Amazing". Just a few steps and you can browse your device from your desktop. "Browse the content of your Windows Phone 6.5 or Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1 device from your computer's web browser using a WIFI connection without installing anything on your computer!" Super easy too. Just connect to your … [Read more...]