Deal: Vodafone UK Nokia Lumia 710 With 6-Month Zune Pass For £150


For the UK folks, if you purchase a Nokia Lumia 710 at Vodafone now through March 31st, 2012 not only will you be paying a low £150, but you will also receive a free 6-month Zune pass to enjoy unlimited music on your new Windows Phone. There is no information on the Vodafone UK device page on when this deal began, but at least you know when it ends. If you are in the UK with … [Read more...]

Exclusive Phones4U White Nokia Lumia 800 Now Available


The exclusive to Phones4U white Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone is now available for purchase in the UK! The long awaited white beauty with 1.4 GHz processor, 8MP camera and 3.7" AMOLED screen to name a few features, is available free with contract. The buy now page also mentions you can receive up to £100 cash back. To place your order simply visit the white Lumia 800 … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia 800 Now Available In Ireland Nationwide

Nokia Lumia 800

If you haven't heard, or just don't live in Ireland, the very famed and fast selling Nokia Lumia 800 is now available nationwide on Vodafone for customers to get their anxious hands on. The Nokia Ireland Facebook page has plenty of launch party photos, including some Twitter feeds and Facebook comments of new adopters already loving their Lumia 800. Another part of the world … [Read more...]

First Round of International Carriers for Windows Phone 7 Announced

At Windows Phone 7 Backstage (registration required), the international carriers for WP7 have been announced, though it's a scanty list to begin with, mostly in western Europe with one in Asia and one in Australia. You'll be able to use your WP7 phone … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Heading To All Five Big UK Carriers

The big five of UK mobile service providers — Orange, O2, Vodafone,T-Mobile and Three — will all be carrying Windows Phone 7 devices when the new platform launches. You'll also be able to buy the phones via The Carphone Warehouse and Phones4u. [via Engadget] Full press release follows: … [Read more...]