How To Enable AT&T Visual Voicemail On Your Windows Phone

The Windows Phone Mango update introduced visual voicemail, however, many are left dumbfounded upon reception of the update or even their new 4G LTE Windows Phone. The reason you have yet to see visual voicemail on an AT&T Windows Phone is because someone decided it was a genius idea to apparently tie the feature to your AT&T data plan. However, as usual the Internet … [Read more...]

New Features Coming To Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, Including Facebook Chat


It seems like new feature leaks in Windows Phone 7.5 are becoming a regular occurence. Last week, we heard about Bing Audio, turn-by-turn map guidance and SMS dictation. Now comes word through the Windows Phone Dev Podcast that Mango will include Windows Live Messenger, Facebook Chat and AOL Messenger integration. This will all be part of the Messenger Hub in Windows Phone 7.5. … [Read more...]

Visual Voicemail and VoIP Heading To Windows Phone 7?

Screen shot 2010-12-13 at 10.23.09 AM

Want a hint for what might be in those much discussed "major updates" for WP7, destined to land next year? Mobility Digest took a homebrewed registry viewer for WP7 and started nosing around, and saw some very interesting things. Buried inside the registry are entries for Visual Voicemail and VoIP — neither is active at present, yet both are obviously part of the phone's … [Read more...]