Verizon Not Very Interested In Windows Phone 7

Verizon has admitted that WP7 is not a priority for them, probably due to the fact that the platform won't be on any CMDA devices until next year. In an interview with CNET, Verizon #2 Lowell McAdam had this to say about Microsoft and Windows Phone 7: What about Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 phones? Microsoft is launching new Windows Mobile 7 phones next week on AT&T's … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 To Be GSM For 2010, No Sprint or Verizon Til Next Year

We just heard that Verizon won't be getting any WP7 handsets this year, but they're not the only ones. Windows Phone 7 will be strictly GSM for the first months of its existence, according to CNet, which means no Sprint, either — you'll be limited to either AT&T or T-Mobile. Why? "We had to make some trade-offs," senior product manager Greg Sullivan told CNET today. "Even … [Read more...]

No Verizon Windows 7 Phones Until 2011

This is not a doomsday post, but still not great news for those of you waiting for a Windows 7 Phone on Verizon. According to Bloomberg, Verizon will be one of the launch carriers and thus will not release a phone powered by Windows Phone 7 this year. Brenda Rainey, a Verizon spokesperson, did confirm plans to support the new operating system and "will probably release a phone … [Read more...]

Downloadable Apps Coming To KIN, Microsoft and Verizon Defend Pricing

The KIN has been the subject of sharp criticism for it's quasi smartphone positioning. It's not a feature phone, but it's not a smartphone. Right now, it's positioned as a social networking phone. Sensing the criticism, Microsoft and Verizon defended the KIN and in doing so, provided some interesing information on the future of the platform. Once Windows 7 Phone is released, … [Read more...]