AT&T Ramps Up Early Upgrade Fee


If you're on AT&T and eager to get a WP7 phone, but aren't eligible for an upgrade yet, you're going to have to fork out a big chunk of change out of pocket. According to BGR, AT&T's early upgrade fee has jumped from $75 to $200, making it all but prohibitively expensive to upgrade before you're due to. The reason for all this? “This change to our exception pricing … [Read more...]

HTC HD2 Not Eligible for Windows Phone 7 Upgrade

The HTC HD2 is no doubt the most highly speced out Windows Mobile 6 device on the market. Naturally, one would think it would be eligible for the vaulted upgrade to Windows Phone 7. Not so fast. According to Natasha Kwan, Microsoft’s General Manager for Mobile Communications Business in the Asia-Pacific market, the HTC HD2 does not meet the requirements due to it having "more … [Read more...]