Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac Beta 2 Now Available

It appears Microsoft has updated their Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac to beta 2. The update reportedly fixes music issues related to playback for AAC files that would not play after syncing. If you purchased MP3's on your Windows Phone, the new version allows you to sync back to your Mac. Also included is the ability to sync from remote iTunes installs, transfer bookmarks, … [Read more...]

WP7 Update To Bring Copy-Paste, “No iPhone Killer”

Even though everyone jumped on Chris Walshie's statements that the first Windows Phone 7 update would be "massive," and would catapult them past the iPhone, All Things D's Ina Fried has posted a look at the update, and it's less than overwhelming. The hopefully-to-arrive-in-January update will do two thing: allow Sprint and Verizon phones to use WP7, and bring copy-paste to the … [Read more...]

Rumor: First Windows Phone Update To Be “Massive”


Chris Walshie, one of the brains behind the ChevronWP7 jailbreak, has been tweeting up a storm about the planned update for Windows Phone 7. While he won't reveal his source, he's saying that the update should land in January, and has been saying things like: MS took 3 months to do what Apple did in 3 years. ;-) Let's just say, they could have called it Windows Phone 8 … [Read more...]

January Update To Bring Turn-By-Turn GPS, Skydrive, App-Switching?

Screen shot 2010-10-13 at 9.23.13 AM

Twittered MS_nerd has posted a handful of rumors about the upcoming January update to WP7. If his sources are correct, then we'll see not only the already confirmed copy-paste functionality, but also turn-by-turn GPS navigation, Skydrive, and app-switching based multitasking. If true, this means the January update will bring a huge number of new features, which will really … [Read more...]

HTC HD2 Update Sort of Available

Screen shot 2010-05-14 at 11.40.37 AM

We haven't received official word yet from T-Mobile, but there is a software update for the HTC HD2 that's available on their site. TMONews was informed the update is coming and fixes a number of bugs, one of which causes the device to freeze. This update might be official, but it might not be the final update. Tread carefully if you download ¬†Software Version 2.13.531.1. … [Read more...]