New Windows Phone 7 Update In The Works To Fix Security Holes?

The vast majority of users are still waiting for their NoDo launch, and it looks like Microsoft's already working on another minor upgrade, this time fixing some security holes. Microsoft recently issued a security advisory for fraudulent security certificates for a number of popular sites, including Google, GMail, Skype, and Yahoo. The certificates have since been stripped, … [Read more...]

NoDo Windows Phone 7 Update pushed to second half of March?

Just last month, Steve Ballmer indicated that 'NoDo', Microsoft's first major update to Windows Phone 7, would be released in "early March". The prevailing thought amongst insiders was March 8th would be the release date and some thought it might come earlier. Microsoft has never offered a specific date. The pre-update (which prepared your phone for NoDo), known as the … [Read more...]

moTweets Version 2.1 Coming Soon, Updates Abound

MoTweets Twitter app for Windows Phone 7

We just heard from Panoramic Software that version 2.1 of moTweets [Marketplace link]  is making it's way to the Marketplace. When it gets there, expect a slew of updates in this new version. More robust timeline Tap’n’Hold for quicker interactions Fixed an issue with White theme post screen Better handling of twitter errors in Tweet details and User details … [Read more...]

WP7 Pre-NoDo Patch Rolling Out Again to Samsung Phones


Michael Stro released an update on Wednesday March 2, 2011 over at the Windows Phone Blog that the Pre-NoDo update is rolling out again for Samsung phones. He clarifies that the software patch is still a "roll out" so not everyone will receive the update at once. He also states they are continuing to push the update to other devices. UPDATE—Wed. Mar. 2 Starting today, we … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 “Mango” To Get IE Mobile 9, Due In September


While we wait for NoDo in early March, we're hearing that IE Mobile 9 will be in the Mango update. IE Mobile 9 will reportedly offer HTML 5 support. Microsoft hopes to get the release out to handset makers in time for their holiday release schedules. The August/September timeframe for release makes sense if that's the plan. Windows Phone 7 currently runs IE Mobile, … [Read more...]